Huber Prater & Henson, P.C.
Certified Public Accountants
Firm Overview

Huber Prater & Henson, P.C., was formed in 1984 by Steve Huber and Jerry Prater as partners, and Leslie Henson as a bookkeeper.  Leslie had completed two years of college at that time.  Leslie graduated from College in 1988, became a CPA in 1991, and a full partner in the firm in 1995.

The business of the firm is centered around the interests, background and capabilities of the partners.  Steve Huber has been in Public Accounting his entire career.  His client service areas are trusts, estates, estate planning, real estate, and contractors, both tax, and accounting.  Jerry Prater has been in Public Accounting since the Firm was formed in 1984.  Prior to that his career included US government auditing, manufacturing and construction industry controllerships, and chief financial officer positions.  Jerry’s practice areas include merger and acquisition, consulting to CFO’s and corporate leaders on organization, finance, and taxation as well as financial planning and tax work for high wealth individuals.  Leslie Henson has been in public accounting her entire career, with the exception of two years she was on loan to a large client, serving as their VP-Controller.  Her expertise is in small and middle size company consulting and taxes as well serving a long term client as a consultant to the controller.